Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga

I have no idea why it took me so long to blog about the Lady Gaga concert but with the release of her "Born This Way" video today I figured it was time for a Gaga post. The concert was on Monday, February 21st at Madison Square Garden but we were in the city for a few days before the show and Sunday night we went out with our friend Tiffany and (unsurprisingly) got wasted which resulted in a 2nd degree burn on Justin's knuckles, don't try to make pizza while inebriated, and a hell of a hangover. Unfortunately we had to get to the Garden early to reserve spots in line since we had general admission tickets and the earlier you get in line the closer to the stage you are and needless to say, it was a rough 6 hours on the cold Manhattan sidewalk. I'm proud to say that I only had to sprint from line once to vomit which is quite an accomplishment for me. So after observing all the fellow fans (men in drag, replicas of Gaga's most outrageous outfits, etc.) and seeking refuge from the cold in a pharmacy, Wendy's, and Borders we were finally let into the arena which subsequently led to a stampede to the stage to secure prime viewing. After another solid hour of waiting The Scissor Sisters, Fun Fact: they got their name from the act of "scissoring" which lesbians partake in and this fact makes them immediately amazing, took the stage as Gaga's opening act and having never previously heard them I was very pleasantly surprised. The Scissor Sisters complimented Gaga's show very well and just look at the outfit that Sisters' front-man Jake Shears was wearing! Fabulous!

Following the Scissor Sisters' set we waited another hour and a half and endured at least 20 "BORN! THIS! WAY!" chants but finally Mother Monster took to the stage. Anyone who has ever watched Lady Gaga before knows that she is a great performer but in person there is an intensity about her that is incredible and more than a little scary. She screamed and sang her way through a 2-hour plus show. Her voice was strong but I was most impressed with all the talking she did to the crowd. She was very empowering and made her fans, at least myself, feel like they could do anything. She also jokingly referenced the rumor that she has a penis, she doesn't if you're curious and was just an entirely great entertainer and speaker. She sang all her biggest hits and the entire crowd, which included Paul McCartney in the front row, was singing and dancing along. Here is a kind of blurry, dark picture of McCartney.
Overall it was an amazing experience and made me love Lady Gaga even more than I already did PLUS I forgot to mention that the show was being recorded by HBO to air on the channel on May 6th so all of you with HBO should tune in and try to spot Justin and I in the crowd. We put on a show for the cameras a few times. Okay now on to some pics of Mother Monster herself.

And here's a picture of Justin, Tiffany and I waiting for the show to start.
Okay I'm gonna wrap this post up but everyone should check out Lady Gaga's new video for "Born This Way" because she not only gives birth to a race free of judgement, she also dances her ass off and rocks some zombie/skeleton-esque makeup which is pretty badass. Not to mention that her body looks flawless.


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