Monday, January 31, 2011

Robyn Concert

Tonight we went to see Robyn in Vermont. Basically she was epically awesome and everyone should absolutely check her out/become obsessed with her. A major component of her awesome-ness was defined perfectly by Justin when he said that she is "DWG" a.k.a. Down With Gays. The club was def filled with some colorful homos but we were the cutest...duh. Robyn's energy was incomparable and I couldn't help but dance along for the entire hour. I def sweat off both tits and dropped a pants size....thanks Robyn! <3 Here are some of her best songs to get your obsession started.
Dancing On My Own
Call Your Girlfriend
Konichiwa Bitches
Be Mine
And the one everyone that grew up in the 90's knows:
Show Me Love



Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pregaming Jam of the Night

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

Most enjoyable when slightly drunk, turned up loud and accompanied by lots of crotch grabbing, whether it be your own or a friends is up to you. Enjoy!


P.S. Britney Spears - Brave New Girl <= Also perfect for some pre-party pussy poppin'

Day drinking

I love everything about day drinking. I love to just eat drink and then continue with more eating and drinking. Today we hung out with Emily Metz and went to a Hartwick water polo game! If you have never seen a water polo game i strongly encourage you to attend one.

Getting ready to watch a movie or take a nap or get some food! 
Meet me at the bars if you wanna see a star!


Damn You Auto Correct!

I want an iPhone just so I can hopefully experience some hilariously awkward text encounters due to auto correct. Some of my faves:


Friday, January 28, 2011

Ugly Lady Gaga Tattoos

I can't tell what is more repulsive, creepy anime-esque Gaga and Beyonce or this man's hairy nipple:

This bitch is straight out of The Hills Have Eyes:

LOVE this one but only because unicorns have a special place in my heart due to my extensive collection as a wee lad:

That shit def. looks infected, she should probs get it checked out: 

Cute razor-burn on your face Gaga:

❤ Josh

Music for your ears

Marina and the Diamonds


Hey Fans

This blog has been a long time coming and is way overdue but we felt it was time to share our fabulosity with the world. We'll be updating as often as we can with whatever amazing things we've stumbled across that day. Enjoy!