Monday, January 31, 2011

Robyn Concert

Tonight we went to see Robyn in Vermont. Basically she was epically awesome and everyone should absolutely check her out/become obsessed with her. A major component of her awesome-ness was defined perfectly by Justin when he said that she is "DWG" a.k.a. Down With Gays. The club was def filled with some colorful homos but we were the cutest...duh. Robyn's energy was incomparable and I couldn't help but dance along for the entire hour. I def sweat off both tits and dropped a pants size....thanks Robyn! <3 Here are some of her best songs to get your obsession started.
Dancing On My Own
Call Your Girlfriend
Konichiwa Bitches
Be Mine
And the one everyone that grew up in the 90's knows:
Show Me Love



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