Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wanna Learn The Days Of The Week?

Because that is exactly what Rebecca Black attempts to teach you in this hilariously bad music video for the song, "Friday" that just went viral within the past few days. I watched the video on YouTube over the weekend and it had around 600,000 views and now it has well over 5 million views. Listening to the song you can tell that not a single syllable is actually a real voice but a computerized robot voice that has been run through layers of autotune. Now let's examine the lyrics. She discusses waking up, going downstairs, eating cereal and then rushing to the bus stop. Luckily she doesn't have to wait for the bus because her 13-year old friends are out illegally cruising and offer her a ride. Instead of just hopping in, Ms. Black observes that people are, "kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat" so she must make her mind up and decide which seat to take which means that if she wants the front seat the hoe in the front better move her ass to the back. Then starts the epic chorus which features Rebecca singing about, you guessed it, Friday. Unfortunately when Rebecca sings "Friday" it sounds more like "Fried Eggs." She basically just informs us that the weekend is all about partying and "fun, fun, fun, fun" even when you're 12. Later in the song she sings, "yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday" and follows it up with, "tomorrow is Saturday and then Sunday comes afterwards." She's so insightful and informative. Who needs calendars anymore when you have the talented, ingenious Rebecca Black?! Now for the truly terrifying part....I can't get the damn song out of my head! I woke up at 4 am with "Friiiieeeday, Friiiieeeday" running through my head over and over and keeping me awake. Now without further ado I present to you the masterpiece that is "Friday" by Rebecca Black.


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